A Good Lifestyle and Relationship



How can you be proud of your scars or lifestyle you’re not broken beyond repair when a bowl is broken.

it’s put back together with the crack being filled with gold creating a beautiful lining.

This is to emphasize the beauty in what was once broken.

Firstly, they believe when something has suffered damage and has a history.

It makes it more beautiful and the same goes for human beings.

Secondly, everything that you’ve been through, everything that you’re going through doesn’t make your life awful.

Although it may seem that way when we’re going through it.

It’s up to choose to struggle with life or make it beautiful.

However, you’re not shattered beyond repair, you can pick yourself up and learn from what’s happened.

Therefore, become a better person from your struggle.

For instance, the battle that you’ve been through you can wear your scars proudly as a badge of honour.

But, it will explain what we have been through.

Nevertheless, my effort made me who I am today.

Anyway, now I can get through anything life puts in front of me without stress.


Meanwhile, nobody has had a perfect life and nobody ever will.

Again, it’s up to us if we choose to live in sufferings or happiness and make life beautiful.

Then don’t be ashamed of what happened to you, everything that has happened to you it’s for a reason.

More we deny, complain and don’t accept what’s happened to us then it doesn’t become helpful.

Besides, the moment we accept and find what is useful in the struggle, things we’ve been through is turning into something beautiful and inspiring.

Yet, what you have been through is an inspiration for other people then it was all worth it.

Furthermore, getting stuck on how things used to be will prevent you from climbing the ladder of success.

Most importantly, “every next level of your life will demand a new you” and sometimes it takes being broken.

Yet, in order to become a better person, you’ve to be patient, focus and determined


A good relationship helps you to communicate better with your partner and you’re not the first person that would pass this process.

Nonetheless, this is more reason why you need to follow the guidelines of adulthood successfully.

Still, adulthood is not easy but some people have once been in your shoes so what they are telling you is nothing but the truth.

Likewise, many of you are smart, it’s a teenager they say but there’s a big contrast between Wisdom and smartness.

Also, wisdom is for the adult while smartness is for the teenager.

Plus, if you are wise to a certain extent. You’re “inexperienced” compared to the age of maturity.

Furthermore, when one partner is faithful and the other is unfaithful, problems will arise.

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A man said he needs to help, his wife having an affair outside their marriage.

Moreover, the couple was interviewed in a program so the presenter asked the man.

Do you always cheat? The man said yes.

The presenter shout wow! your wife has been enduring now she decides to do the same thing back you.

Additionally, agreement with your partner show you’re are 70% on a good road.

In planning for the home, your view won’t be snubbed.


Sometimes ago, my girlfriend came to pay me a visit at home and i put on a crazy jean.

It looks nice on me but it was just simple wear.

Well, we talked and something linked to others, I like wearing crazy jeans.

Eventually, i said didn’t you notice something when you walk in, my new outfit.

She said you can wear a different types of jean but not crazy a jean. I laughed and teased her.

Seriously, i will next time.

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It was obvious that she didn’t love the new style.

Ultimately, the funny part she has not bought a pair of jean for me before in fact not even a pen as a gift.

Similarly, when go out crazy jean is always on my mind but i think about my girlfriend reaction.

Finally, despite the fact, she wasn’t the one paying for my wears I still respect and obey her.

Hmmm, a good relationship last and it leads to marriage.

In conclusion, understanding is good in any relationship.



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