Almost 6 inches of rain fell in central California and more than 4 inches in the southern part of the state.


Nearly 6 inches of rain fell in central California and the southern part of the state saw more than 4 inches of rain, resulting in floods and car breakdowns.

Winds up to 98 mph have been reported in central California, and in the San Francisco Bay area, some trees have fallen on cars.

The second storm continues to hit the west coast this morning with 20-meter winds, heavy rains, strong winds and heavy snow at high altitudes.

Hours of winter storm have been issued in the northeast, including Boston, which is mainly visible for the second time after the two storms moving to the United States.

The first is facing the northeastern storm tonight and tomorrow, bringing light snow – 1 to 3 inches – to areas such as Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Temperatures will be close to freezing, and Friday’s moves may be interesting.

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