Argentina President Alberto Fernandez Urges Messi to return home


Alberto Fernandez persuades Messi

Alberto Fernandez persuades Messi to return home and play for his former club Newell’s old boys.

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Argentina’s president Alberto Fernandez has advised Lionel Messi to return home.

And finish his football career in his former youth club Newell’s Old Boys.

Firstly, The 33-year-old striker surprised the world last week by telling Barcelona to his intention to leave the club this summer.

Secondly, He’s going to Manchester City where he would join his former manager Pep Guardiola again.

Hence, fans believe he could be tempted going back to Newell’s, football club.

Thirdly, he starts his football career in Newell at teenager age between 1994-2000.

Plus, he moves to Spain at the age of 13 to play for Barcelona FC.

Fernandez Report on Argentinean TV Channel

Still, Fernandez speaks on Argentinean TV channel C5N, “You are in our hearts and we have never seen you play in our country”.

President Alberto Fernandez persuades Messi

Alberto Fernandez persuades Messi

Thus, it will be a pleasure if you can end your career with Newell’s Old Boys club.

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Also, Fernandez said in a statement that he admired Diego Maradona the 1986 World Cup winner and Lionel Messi.

Nevertheless, He declared that his preference for the Napoli icon is because he graduated from Argentinos Junior.

Alberto Fernandez Persuades Messi And Hail Maradona

Besides, Maradona is a good player, he played alone against the world, I’ve never seen a player like Maradona, Fernandez added.

Moreover, I admire him more than Messi, because he’s from the Argentina youth.

For instance, Maradona is a kind gladiator with incredible strength.

Furthermore, Argentina fans parade on the street to convince Messi to return home

Finally, Newell’s fans held a spectacular parade on the streets of Rosario on Thursday.

The fans want Messi to return home.

Alberto Fernandez persuades Messi

The Argentina Vice President, Cristian D’Amico told TYC sport

Yet, the Club vice-president Cristian D’Amico told TyC Sports, Maradona came and everyone believed it was impossible.

In addition, Newell’s Club is hoping to see the world best player Lionel Messi wearing their Jersey again.

Leave Lionel Messi alone for us.

Abolade Abdullahi

Abolade Abdullahi

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