China Deadly Virus Outbreak in Wuhan


China virus outbreak has spread over the province of China and beyond a new virus called Coronavirus has been uncovered on Wednesday as the count of death increases to nine from 440 confirmed the transmission from animals to humans and the virus has widespread over the entire country.

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The china province in Hubei, where the virus emerged last month, security measures have been taken in different hospitals while the World Health Organization (W.H.O) was expected to hold an emergency meeting to handle and tackle this deadly virus.

However, the virus has spread from the central Chinese city to Wuhan, in Hubei, to Beijing, Macau, Hong Kong, United States, Shanghai, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. The Chinese government has taken accurate measures and update of people as hundred million of people prepared to travel home and abroad for Lunar New Year celebration starting this week, though accurate security has been given to ensure the safety of people travelling in out of the country.

Still, 2,197 people who came into contact with infected people were being kept in privacy, while 765 have been released. Researchers found out about the virus called Coronavirus that it has been spread through “Respiratory Transmission” from animal to humans, syndrome of the virus includes fever, coughing, hard breathing which causes pneumonia.

Moreover, fifteen medical personnel are among those infected in China, there are no vaccines for the virus or cure for it yet which can be used for treatment in China or beyond the province. In 2002-2003 report says nearly 800 people were killed in China due to fear of a pandemic outbreaks of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which hit the global markets.

The W.H.O and Health authorities are still making research to discover the origin or source of the infection, some say it came from the market in Wuhan where wildlife was exchanged illegally. The S.A.R.S (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was believed to have crossed to humans from cats sold for food in China.

Furthermore, China immigration agency has stepped up screening of travellers from different Airports around the world, like Taiwan, not a member of the W.H.O due to the objection of China, which considers the island a Chinese province with no right to participate in international organizations unless it’s approved by China.

Several foreign countries and tour operators said North Korea banned foreign tourists from entering from Wednesday due to the virus even though losing one of its main sources of foreign currency.

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways said they would allow flight attendants to wear surgical masks while on mainland China flights and there’s going to be rebooking, rerouting and refund charges would be waived for all tickets from Wuhan through February 15. China’s aviation regulator has told mainland carriers to refund the money paid for tickets or change flight routine to Wuhan without charges.

Li Bin, National Health Commission vice-minister, said: “The rise in the mobility of the public has the objective risk of the epidemic spreading and the difficulty of prevention and control”.


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