COVID-19: Madagascar Re-imposes Lockdown.



Madagascar lockdown, the widespread of coronavirus in Madagascar capital, Antananarivo, has made the country to placed the city under a total lockdown.

However, Antananarivo follow a new rise in COVID-19 case two month ago after the regulations was ease.

 The President announced it on Sunday, July 5.

Firstly, the country has discovered a herbal cure to treat the coronavirus ailment.

“The Analamanga region”  the capital of Madagascar is back to total lockdown.

Also, the movement will not be allowed in and out of the region starting from July, 5th-20th.

A strict curfew will be spread on the street to stop coronavirus ailment.

Secondly, statement from the Madagascar president stated that only one person per home is allowed to go out into the street between 6:00 am and 12:00 pm.

       Lockdown: Madagascar Spread of COVID-19

Thirdly, the authorities said the  lockdown will be observed because of the spread and increase of COVID-19 cases in the region.

Nonetheless, due to the widespread COVID-19, Madagascar discovered a local herbal remedy called COVID-19 tonic to cure the illness.

Meanwhile,  reasearch have shown that Madagascar herb called COVID tonic is a mixture of anti-malaria components.

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After that, Dr Osagie Ehanire, minister of health in Nigeria said research on Madagascar COVID-19 remedy will be conducted when the fund for the research is approved.

Ehanire made this statement at the Presidential Task Force briefing in Abuja.

Therefore, he said the plant used for the production of Madagascar cure is grown in Nigeria.

And 675 peoples were tested. .

On Sunday, the country recorded 2,728 cases, when the virus was first detected in the Indian Ocean island on March 20.

                               Nigerian Health Government

Furthermore, the Nigeria government said the increase in the Covid-19 cases across the country has an effect on business.

Nevertheless, the coronavirus tonic is from a artemisia seed.

It’s a plant with malaria volume in it..

Dr Ehanire said the duty of Nigerian is to stay safeat home.

Nevertheless, the virus has taken over the health care of the country.

According to him, the outlaw of interstate movement will reduce the coronavirus spread in the country.

Most importantly, the government will focus on how to reduce the death rate.

The government meetings will hold through a video conference, while the court listening will be cancelled

For instance, Coronavirus cases as at today are 28,711.

 Discharge cases are 11,665.

Death cases is 645.

In conclusion, Covid-19 is real staying safe and sanitized your hand always.

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