Features and Benefits of Kaspersky Total Security


Kaspersky is one of the most popular cybersecurity companies in the world and it is also among the top-ranked antivirus in the world. Billions of malware and cyber threats attacks have been neutralized by Kaspersky security solutions and it has been recommended by thousands of users for its real-time protection. Kaspersky Total Security is among the best computer virus protection software with two sides: Premium Defensive Features and General Defense that come with the Kaspersky free antivirus.



Kaspersky Total Security you can detect malicious contents such as viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, rootkits keyloggers, and other corrupted files that hide in the guise of legitimate files by scanning, and eliminates them with immediate effect offering a solid wall of defence for your computer. 

2. Real-Time Shield:

Behavioural analysis detects the system’s weak areas and also finds out the security holes that come in the form of suspicious applications and viruses infected areas. Its built-in artificial intelligence takes restorative measures to minimize0 security holes and reduces the chances of subsequent and hypothetical attacks of cyber intruders. The real-time shield also defends the computer by blocking virus contaminations from external sources such as USB or CDs. 

3. Firewall:

The firewall feature keeps the botnet servers away and it also enhances the browsing speed by reducing data traffic. It also makes provision for wifi password in other for your data not to shared with unknown users. 

4. VPN:

Like other applications responsible for virtually keeping your location hidden, the Kaspersky Total Security also does the same. In other, for intruders not to monitor the users’ internet activities, it makes a provision for data to be sent and received through an encrypted medium. Therefore, pieces of information can not be fetched from the browser location. 

5. Browser Protection:

It does a great job by providing Browser protection that uses HTTPS filters to detect fraud and malicious websites and blocks them before the users browse them. To ensure identity protection it keeps the users’ identity hidden and also protects users card details, for those who are involved in online shopping and cash transactions. Not forgetting to mention webcam protection to assure privacy protection. 

6. Email Protection:

This cyber protection also scans the email inbox and looks for malicious malware emails that contain harmful attachments. It immediately alerts the users via notifications before they open the attachment. It response by blocking the sender and marks the email as spam. 

7. Download Protection:

Kaspersky free antivirus, Total Security also blocks automatic malicious downloads from malicious websites, alerts the users if they proceed to download harmful files and immediately scans the downloaded files before the user launches them on the system to prevent malware attacks. 

8. Password Protection:

It has a cloud-management server which keeps the passwords of users various accounts in a single passcode encrypted vault so that the users never forget their password. It also detects weak passwords and gives recommendations when a user wants to create an account of any sort. It also saves and automatically refills the section with the password when the users opt for login. 

9. Cloud Backup:

Data of important data and files can be backed up in Kaspersky’s unwavering cloud server so that, in case of device loss or stolen or damaged, the files can be restored from the backup source. 

10. Multi-layer Ransomware protection:

Important files, photos, and other vital data can be kept safe in a multi-layered password-protected locker. It not only ensures protection from ransomware encryption but also keeps them from falling into evil hands. 

11. System Optimizer:

This Internet Security Software also reduces extra RAM load by keeping the system highly optimized and enhances the CPU processing speed. With the help of the system, optimizer junks can be removed from the system with free extra space made available. Thus it reduces over battery drainage, avoids system slowdown and heating issues. 

12. Parental Control With GPS Tracker:

The Parental Control feature, Kaspersky allows parents to have thorough control over their children’s internet access. The parents can block illegitimate websites, restrict inappropriate content and set the screen time of internet usage for their children. It also presents the history and a log of the child’s internet usage. For protective reasons, Parental control further features useful GPS tracking in other for parents to get real-time updates of their children’s current location on the map.

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