Ghanian Food: Donkunu



My Ghana brethren let’s gather here and talk of your delicacy. For my non-Ghanaian brethren let’s discuss on the varieties of food in African.


Maize. Fish. Vegetable oil. Onions. Tatashe. Ata rodo. Ginger. Garlic. Seasoning. Nutmeg. Fresh tomatoes.


1. Wash and soak the maize for about three days. 2. Grind the maize not too smooth. 3. Cook part of the grinded maize for about 10-15 minutes. 4. Pour the remaining raw maize into the cooked one and mix thoroughly. 5. Rap bit by bit in a cornstalk or banana leaf. 6. Put water in a pot and place the rapped maize into the pot, let it cook for about N 30minutes. 7. Bring off the fire and your Donkunu is set.


1. Grind pepper, garlic with fresh tomatoes not too smooth. 2. Heat the saucepan and add vegetable oil. 3. Pour in the grind puree and let it to cook for some minutes. 4. Add ginger, nutmeg, Maggi and salt to taste. 5. Chop fresh pepper, onions, and fresh tomatoes and pour into the sauce, allow to simmer, bring off the fire and serve hot.

N/B: There are many recipes to this, but you can try this very simple one.

N/B: Fry your fish after you give it a nice precooking with enough seasoning.

N/B: You can use a variety of pepper.

Ebitimi Winifred

Ebitimi Winifred

Ebitimi Winifred is a journalist for express info news. She writes on food and nutrition.

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