Home made yogurt



Yoghurt is rich in important nutrients. An excellent source of calcium, protein and probiotics, regular consumption of yoghurt is also associated with better immune system function, weight management and reduced inflammation.


Milk-1kg. yoghurt culture-1 bowl. hot water-2litres. Drinking water water-2litres. vanilla flavour-2tbs. grounded sugar-1¹/² cups.


1. Get a bowl with a cover 2. Pour the hot and drinking water into the bowl 3.Add the milk, use a whisk to mix it very well. 4. Add the yoghurt culture and mix it again. 5. Cover the bowl and keep it in a warm place. 6. Allow it to ferment for 8hours. 7. Add the sugar and vanilla flavour. 8. Put in a freeze to chill, ready to be served with any type of snacks or food.

N/B: The function of the starter culture is to ferment the lactose (milk sugar) to produce lactic acid. The fermentation of lactose also produces the flavour compounds that are characteristics of yoghurt.

Ebitimi Winifred

Ebitimi Winifred

Ebitimi Winifred is a journalist for express info news. She writes on food and nutrition.

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