It is no longer news that the quest for the choice of the one to pilot the affairs of Kogi state for the next four years has begun, and as such the atmosphere has become increasingly politically heated.
At the emergence of this present administration, youths across the country were filled with enthusiasm because a youth has emerged as the Governor of a state. Notably, youths from kogi sate saw themselves as setting a new political pace.

However, four years down the line, our enthusiasm and pride has become almost completely drained.

Let me share an experience with you. Just yesterday I went on a fact finding visit to , NARSDA, on getting there, I ran into another friend whom I had no idea also worked there. My friends showed me around. I came to realize that the agency was filled with diverse people from across the country, discharging their duties with great passion, then I asked, I taught jobs are sold here, I asked my friend”. He replied by saying if jobs are sold here how was he suppose to raise money and buy for myself, it was my uncle who collected my Cv and today here I’m I, and that some persons were employed by mere coming In contact with the DG, and I that the DG has shown love to so many Nigerians by way of easing the Employment process of this Agency, similarly he has extend this gesture even to other agencies and ministries..

At this point I ask, what does Kogites want than a man that is reliable and effective, a man who has the skills as regards job creation and employment, as it is popularly said that, it is better to teach a man how to catch fish than give him fish.

On this note, I and my assembly has chosen to stand against the Yahaya Bello led administration because we deserve better.

We throw our full support for his Excellency, Seidu Ogah Onailo Mohammed, the next Governor of Kogi State by God’s grace.

We are a group that is willing to mobilize and assemble our support for any Kogite whom we believe and finds worthy to become the next Governor of our dear state regardless of his political affiliation and ethno-religious differences.



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