President Josep Bartomeu won’t get into any conflict with Messi


Bartomeu resolved with Messi

Bartomeu resolved with Messi over the recent clash between them.

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Firstly, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu says he will not go to war with Lionel Messi.

Plus, he ordered everyone to move on after the forward tried to quit the club last month.

Secondly, he said “No plans to step down from his position as the president despite a motion to remove him”.

Thirdly, Messi’s request to leave the club was more than 20,000 signatures this week.

However, the 33-year-old returned to training with Ronald Koeman earlier this month after failing to leave the Camp Nou this summer.

Though he realised legal action would be required and implemented on his contract to leave for free.

Also, Messi backed down, although President Bartomeu talks in an interview with TV3 after the episode ended.

Still, Bartomeu told TV3 on Saturday, As a president, “I will not enter into any conflict with Messi”.

He started “Messi is our captain and the team leader so the issue is resolved.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t allow Lionel Messi to leave Barcelona because he still remains the best player in the world.

Likewise, the team needs him because he’s an experienced and talented player.

Anyway, things have been resolved at home and he had to support the squad.

Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu still want Lionel Messi in the club

Hence, We have to congratulate ourselves that Messi is still with us.

Thus, he’s excited about Koeman’s project.

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Most importantly, he has been playing for Barcelona for so long and we want him to retire at the club.

Ultimately, Messi can still leave the club for free next summer when his contract expires but Bartomeu will have step down by then.

Besides, the president will face a vote of no confidence in the coming weeks if 16,520 out of 20,867 signatures against him are approved.

Furthermore, For him to be overthrown two-thirds of voting members would then have to go against him in a referendum.

But President Josep Bartomeu said “the club is not going to stop and I think everyone will not be surprised by the number of signatures.

Anyhow, we respect democracy and the club’s laws.

Moreover, Josep speaks to Barcelona after the friendly cup match played against Elche at Camp Nou on Saturday.

Lionel Messi stayed in Barcelona FC

Nonetheless, Josep Bartomeu, who will be leaving the president seat after the election in March next year.

Meanwhile, the board and I will keep working to ensure we have the most competitive team possible.

For instance, We’ll speak again after the election, but right now I’m not going to quit.

Eventually, the club won’t stop and we will keep working, we still have a lot of issues to sort out.

In addition, Barcelona Midfielder Riqui Puig was a surprise omission from the squad.

Finally, Riqui watched the match from the stands alongside Luis Suarez, who’s not featured in the preseason as he looks for a new club.

Recently, Ronald Koeman has confirmed Luis Suarez transfer deal though he’s going on loan.

Regardless Koeman told TV3, the young players have to play, they can’t play for weeks on end.

And for Riqui Puig, Carles Alena and Pedri they all have to play too.

In conclusion, the new Barcelona head coach told Riqui he has a future in Camp Nou.

Unfortunately, It’s going to be tough at the moment because of the competition in his position.

Lately, I suggest he goes on loan.

Abolade Abdullahi

Abolade Abdullahi

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