Steps to make short crust pastry



Short crust pastry

Today am going to teach us on how to play with the flour in our kitchen using our kitchen cooking recipes.




Firstly, Salt-1/2tsp.

Sugar-1tbs (optional).

Secondly, Baking powder-1tsp.

Water-1/2 cup.

Thirdly, Eggs-2 (one for glazing, the other for the dough mixing).


Sieve flour into a bowl.

However, Add baking powder, salt, butter and mix using your fingertips until it looks life bread Crumbs.

Also, Break and whisk eggs, add little quantity of water to the eggs and mix well.

Still, Pour the egg mixture into step 2, Gently knead until the mixture binds together and make a soft dough.

Then Let the dough to rest for about 15-20 minutes.

After the rest, place dough on a lightly floured working surface and roll flat with a rolling pin.

Besides, Roll to your desired thickness cut off the rough corners of the rolled dough.

Yet, Cut the dough horizontally, use the remaining egg with a brush or your hand.


And the egg wash inside of the dough and put in your hot dog or sausage meat into the dough.

Nevertheless, Rollover to cover the dough gently, starting from your right-hand side to your left-hand side.

Plus, place dough on a baking tray and egg wash the top of the dough after covering.

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it will give a nice and appealing golden brow.

Meanwhile, place dough into a preheated oven and let it bake for about 20 minutes.

Thus, your shortcrust pastry is good to go,while kneading handle dough gently.

Furthermore the vegetable oil can replace butter.

But butter gives it a more yummy taste.

Finally, local oven can be used as well alongside with a normal cake pan should you don’t have a baking tray.

In addition, do not forget to always grease your pan or tray before placing your dough.


Ebitimi Winifred

Ebitimi Winifred

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