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Spring rolls

Spring rolls are a large variety of filled appetizers.

Firstly, they are the vegetarians super light, crispy and tender appetizer.

Its nutritional value is enormous, per spring roll (1/6 of recipe).

The Content in spring rolls

Calories-75g, protein-2g, carbohydrate-16g, sugar-3g, total fat-0.5g.

Secondly, Join me as I introduce to us very easy and healthy spring rolls.

Recipe for the filling

Thirdly, Minced beef-1/2 g, onions-1, scallions-2, stock cube-1, chilli pepper-1tsp.

However, Black pepper-1tsp, shredded cabbage-3/4 cup, and shredded carrots-3/4 cup.

Vegetable oil-4tbsp.

Curry powder-1tsp.

Salt to taste-1/8 tsp.

Recipe for the rolls

Also, flour-2cups, corn starch-2tbsp, salt-1/4 tsp, water-1cup.

Spring rolls procedures for filling


Chop and shred all vegetables.

Again, Pour the vegetable oil into a saucepan, let it get hot before you add the diced onions and scallions.

And stir fry until it becomes translucent.

Still, add the chilli powder, black pepper, curry powder, salt and stock cube mix together until all ingredients are well combined.

Plus, add the minced beef, break it with a spoon into little crumbs and leave it for some minute until it’s well cooked.

When the water in the beef dry off, add the shredded cabbage and carrots.

Then mix together and turn off the heat immediately to prevent the vegetables from overcooking, leave for a while before using.

Spring rolls procedures to follow Spring rolls Procedure to follow

Yet, Combine flour, corn starch and salt together and mix well.

Besides, add water into step 1 bit by bit until a wet and viscous dough is formed.

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Likewise, continue to work the dough by picking it up and slamming it on the bowl.

Nevertheless, this process helps to develop gluten and with time the dough will become very elastic.

Furthermore, Immediately you begin to see that it can hold together in a rope, then you have done a good job.

Anyway, cover and leave it in a fridge overnight, the dough will become harder and less sticky.

Nonetheless, work on the dough until it’s smooth and elastic, and you can easily wind and gather it in a cup.

Always place a non-stick pan or griddle on medium heat for about 2-4 minutes.

Too smear the lump in a quick circular motion and quickly withdraw the dough, then use your hands or a spatula.


But the holes need to be cover by spreading the batter over any possible hole that may have occurred during to the smearing.

Though When the edges begin to curl up, you can then carefully remove the wrap.

Moreover, don’t forget to place it in a bowl and cover with a kitchen towel to prevent it from drying up.

Ultimately, mix 3 tbsp of flour with 2 tbsp of water to form a glue for the spring rolls.

Additionally, Add the filling to the wraps, towards the edge, tightly roll the wrappers around the filling, about one rotation is fine.

In addition, make sure you tuck in the filling so that it can be nice and tight.

Anyhow fold both edges over, tightly roll it one more time.

Eventually, rob the paste generously over the edge, roll up to glue it, use your hands to press it down gently.

For instance, put the spring rolls in a preheated oil to deep fry until your desired brownness is achieved.

Finally, switch off the fire and serve with a hot pepper sauce and enjoy it with juice or any drink of your choice.

Similarly, whenever the dough becomes soft and difficult to handle due to the heat from smearing.

In conclusion, just put the dough back into the fridge and once it’s hard again, you continue to make your wraps.


Ebitimi Winifred

Ebitimi Winifred

Ebitimi Winifred is a journalist for express info news. She writes on food and nutrition.

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