The Blockbusters Movie of the year 2020


TV shows lovers, 2020 might not be a good year as most TV shows are put to a stop, and others being postponed due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic. But guess what?

On Friday, the 8th of May 2020. The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) announced that two new TV shows ‘The Equalizer ‘ and ‘B positive’ are premiering on its Network along with other 23 shows that are kept on hold. What great news TV shows lovers.

However,’The Equalizer’ features Rebecca Breeds a veteran Australian actress known for her role in movies such as; The silence of the lamb, Three Summers, Home and Away etc. The famous actress played the key role of Clarice Starling an FBI agent who returned to the field after the event of The Silence of the lamb in 1993.

Furthermore, starring in the movie ‘The Equalizeris American own rapper, actress and producer Queen Latifah (Dana Elaire Owens) Known for her albums Black Reigns and All hail the Queen. And also her movies Girls Trip, Set it Off, Holiday and more. Queen Latifah acted as a mysterious woman with a mysterious background who strives to help people In need. She is also an Executive Producer in the show.

No doubt, with the presence of these two incredible actors (Rebecca Breeds and Queen Latifah ) ‘The Equalizer’ will be a show that will be anticipated by many. So what about the ‘B positive’? you might wonder.

Well, the ‘B Positive’ is a comedy TV show which features the Canadian actor Thomas Stenen Middleditch, who became popular for his role in the HBO series ‘Silicon Valley’. This new show also features Annaleigh Ashford an American actress is known for her role in the movie ‘Legally Blonde’.

‘B Positive’ is about a father who just got divorced and also a therapist who needed to find someone to donate a kidney. Eventually, he runs into a woman from his past who volunteers her own kidney. They both expected things to take a turn as they go through these tough times together.

These new TV shows, along with CBS announcement on the renewal of several cancelled shows for 2020-2021, proves that despite the outbreak of the Corona Virus and the lockdown imposed by many countries 2020 still has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment. So we all want to keep our fingers crossed and anticipate.

Pius Jonathan

Pius Jonathan

Pius Jonathan is a journalist for express info news. He writes on the entertainment and celebrity gist.

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