The Ripped Jeans


In the history of human attire, it seems the jeans occupies a private portion of this history. The jeans are one singular cloth that has lasted over a century, specifically 140 years (and still counting) and has never been out of fashion. Between 1851 and 1853, Levi Strauss and Jacob w. Davis invented the jeans phenomena, since then it has gone through a series of change of styles, fabric, occasion in winch it is to be worn; and a class of people that should wear it.
However, In recent times one of those styles of the jeans has created a lot of controversies:
The Ripped jeans are a type of jeans that has holes in form of tearings and grabs on it, specifically is mostly worn by the young people (Male, Female) social occasion, or as a casual outfit. Two schools of thought as arisen as morality or otherwise of wearing the ripped jeans.
The first school of thought is of the opinion that only miscreants street urchins and other societal deviants that wear the ripped jeans. This school of thought sees the ripped jeans as a symbol of indecency by anybody that wears it. The second school of thought holds that the wearing of ripped jeans is as the same as wearing other clothes, that it is only a trend in fashion and not to be discriminated, furthermore this school of thought as far as one is comfortable wearing the ripped jeans it poses no problem in society. The ripped jeans, of course, don’t speak well of the persons who wear them, because at first sight its portraits an image of irresponsibility, and people who wear them are not taken seriously in society,
Furthermore, there are limited places and or events that one who wears ripped jeans can go. In addition, the person is most likely not to be given serious and or leadership positions
In conclusion, ripped jeans should be worn for the purpose it was meant for which is for labour.

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