Want A Job In Dubai? Then Read This First Before Leaving Nigeria


Nigerians are defrauding other Nigerians through fake job offers in Dubai.

I had the opportunity to visit the UAE on the promise of a job opportunity. I made certain discoveries that I must share. I owe it to God and humanity. I know that after reading this, the devil will still whisper certain things in your ear. Like, ‘Everybody’s experience is different’, ‘your own story will not be the same’, ‘(the person ‘helping’ you) is your brother, or childhood friend, etc. He or she cannot do that to you’, etc. So I am not trying to convince you. I am only going to tell the things my eyes saw, the way I saw them. Dubai is a desperate place for work. People can go to any length to survive in Dubai. Including extorting their cousins of hundreds of thousands. Dubai was not made for jobs. They are just after your money.

Let me say this in the most straight forward way possible. There are no jobs in Dubai! For every single vacancy, there are over 100 Asians competing with you. By the way, most HRs are Arabs or Asians. I have seen vacancy adverts that end with ‘…no African nationality wanted.’ Or ‘Asians only.’ Where do you think your CV will end in such offices? The trash can. Literally.

If you manage to land a job there, your pay cannot exceed 2,000AED. That is, N200,000. That pay is for security guards mostly. Living expenses there will take more than half of that amount, and the contract of your employment is for two years only. So if you manage, through wits and cunning, to save up to half of that amount, in two years, that would be N2.4M. Meanwhile you have spent close to or more than that amount in travel, lodging, feeding, local transportation, renewing your visa, sorting job ‘agents’, and paying for your work permit visa IF you get a job. After the two years, you have to find another job, or keep renewing your visa, spending from the same money you have saved, until you get another job. If you are lucky, oga’s brother has not come searching for a job in his company, then you may have your contract renewed. This is just the surface of living conditions there.

Now let’s talk about the fraud. This is another chapter I cannot exhaust in this article. I will just do what I can. That your brother, or friend who is helping you do your visa, or who has asked you to bring a certain amount for both visa and job-acquiring expenses has a large cut in the sum and total of what you have given, or are planning to give. An ungodly cut. That is if you are lucky and he/she is for real. Because there are countless daily cases of Nigerians arriving Dubai, and left stranded. Their brother’s number is no longer going through, and they have paid over N500,000. They are left on their own right from the airport. No company bus, no company accommodation, no job! Next thing you know, they are living from hand to mouth, roaming the streets of Dubai, ready for anything dubious; all the while taking cute selfies with Dubai’s beautiful architecture and scenery in the background. So when you see such pictures on facebook or whatsapp, you will be enticed.

After their one or three months visa expires, they have no money to renew their visa. They will then carry ‘over stay’ around their necks. They can no longer gain any decent employment. Because they are illegals. They become street hustlers in the real sense of the term. Riding bicycles running errands, selling liquor(which is illegal in the UAE), or they become fake job agents. Which is the most common. Preying on ignorant folks back home without conscience.

Physically speaking, Dubai is a beautiful place. With its artificial flowers and all. But I can’t say that about its people. Mostly, I only see long and frowning faces of people in trains and buses, who have come to make a living in a country that is made for tourists. Job searching frustrations upon ever increasing daily expenses. Such people will jump at any opportunity to make money, throwing away their moral compass.

The only time you can enjoy Dubai, is if you went there to spend money. Then you can live in those posh buildings with beautiful views, mix with the locals, ride in Ferrari taxis, and you can pick from the diverse racial menu of prostitutes (if you are unfortunate to be the type). But if you are there to work, as an African, the beautiful view will be when you are enroute to a job interview, or worse, when you are going about dropping CVs. It will be a privilege for you to enter a posh building through out your stay. The locals will become a tourist attraction to you, if you are lucky to see them and its not because of the law. You will not see Ferrari taxis where you live. Your residence will feel like your country again. The building will be populated mostly by your country men and women. You may even share a room with some of them who are prostitutes, receiving ‘clients’ and performing duty just on the other side of the curtain. What an experience!

Are you in decision phase, or are you already processing your travel documents? Are you contemplating the idea? Stop! Its still not too late, even if you have paid for the visa. Save the remaining money. Unless you are running from something. Most ‘agents’ are jobless themselves. If you insist, however, at least ask for your ‘helper’s work visa, and scrutinize it thoroughly. Then you can keep that copy as some kind of insurance. If he/she has no work visa, please forget it. They will attempt to explain themselves with seemingly reasonable words, but do not ignore this wisdom gotten from experience.

I met a guy during my Youth Service days, and we became friends to this day. He contacted me about my experience while I was still in Dubai. Turns out he is in talks with someone about making the trip. I strongly discouraged him. Luckily for him, he listened. He used that money to establish his betting business. Today he is a boss. Making up to what he was promised as starting salary in Dubai. The cost of going to work in Dubai will make you a boss in Nigeria.

It was until my return, that I realized fully that I had wasted a substantial amount that could have been put to more valuable and enduring use. Only one piece of advice for you. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. But if your village people are after you, when you go and fall victim, remember that you read this article.

Good luck.

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    December 25, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    I am very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.


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